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Prototype a virtualization subsystem for Deckhouse Kubernetes platform

Development of a Kubernetes-native cloud virtualization system, tailored to integrate with the Deckhouse Kubernetes platform, enabling compatibility with its existing modules.


The goal was to implement cloud system functionality on the Deckhouse Kubernetes platform, ensuring maximum compatibility and management through Kubernetes objects.


Several open-source cloud platforms, including OpenStack, OpenNebula, CloudStack, Ganeti, and KubeVirt, were evaluated. After thorough comparison, KubeVirt was chosen as the most suitable solution.


  • Network Improvements: The initial network implementation in KubeVirt was not satisfactory, prompting significant enhancements to achieve maximum performance and stability. The realization of the new macvtap method led to a 20% reduction in network latency for standard CNI binding method.
  • IPAM: A specialized IP Address Management service was developed to allocate static IP addresses for virtual machines, allowing them to operate alongside the ephemeral pods in Kubernetes.
  • Distributed Router: A distributed router was implemented to monitor the location of virtual machines within the cluster and dynamically adjust routes accordingly.
  • Cilium modifications: Cilium updated with custom patches to add functionality for preserving IP and MAC addresses during the live migration of virtual machines to different nodes.


After the release of the alpha version, the development transferred to a dedicated virtualization team. This included the complete transfer of expertise and assistance in designing the API for the next version.

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